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Venus Rope Hand Dyed Nylon Rope Kit

This set of two 10ft, one 30ft, and one 50ft ropes is for the Shibari practitioner who knows their way around a knot or two.

This beautiful hand dyed rope is silky smooth! This kit includes all the rope you need to bring your Shibari fantasies to life. Pair this kit with Shag's Group or Private Intro to Shibari Rope Bondage Classes.
Make sure your knots are tight, because this rope slides. 
Due to being hand-dyed, this unique rope may be a slightly different color with each batch.

  • Hand-dyed for Shag by Venus Ropes
  • Material: Nylon
  • Length: 2 x 10ft pieces + 1 x 30ft piece + 1 x 50ft piece
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