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Collaborate with SHAG

SHAG takes pride in collaborating with artists, designers, sex educators and our general community.  You can check out previous SHAG workshops on our youtube channel HERE & be sure to stay tuned for the next edition of SHAG SWAG; always in collaboration with artists we love & respect.

Feel free to email us at if you have collab ideas that resonate with our mission  xoxo  


Dirty Lola has been part of the SHAG family since 2014, when she first started working at the Brooklyn boutique. Lola is a sex "edutainer", speaker, and self-proclaimed dildo slinger. Recently she partnered with Netflix in a limited series called "The Principles of Pleasure;" a groundbreaking new health and wellness series that explores the forgotten legacy, emerging science, and candid stories of real women and pleasure. Principles of Pleasure & Trailer.

Lola is also known for her live sex-ed Q&A show Sex Ed A Go-Go and as a co-host of New York Magazine’s The Cut’s “Sex Probz” web series.


At SHAG, Carolyn manages our social media, is a staff sex educator and helps run daily customer service and operations at our brick & mortar boutique in Brooklyn.

Carolyn (she/her) is a gender, queer, and racial justice activist based in Brooklyn, NY. She received both her Master’s and Bachelor’s degrees in Gender Studies and is dedicated to a life and career advocating for social justice. Her work and research has utilized critical-race, queer, and feminist theories to examine reproductive health injustices worldwide with specific focus on racism and classism within assisted reproductive technologies (i.e., egg donation and surrogacy). She has worked in several nonprofits and start-ups advocating for economic, racial, LGBTQ, and gender justice at a local and global scale.


Elizabeth Weitzen first collaborated with Sam and Ashley in early 2014 when SHAG sponsored her Bushwick nightlife event Fucking Shakespeare.

Formerly the Director of Performance Programming (Shag Playhouse) at SHAG, Elizabeth worked as a producer on events featuring live performances like Rite of Spring, an aphrodisiac fantasia, Thunderstruck, an interactive, fire-fueled biker dance spree, and Pridefest Candyland's Prize Wheel with Drag Vanna White. Elizabeth spent several years working the salesfloor of the SHAG's Brooklyn boutique as a staff sex educator and contributed to product buying and curation. Elizabeth currently keeps the webstore tidy and the product pages up to date. She is also the editor of SHAG Magazine. She is delighted to be teaming up again with Samantha and Ashley.

Outside of SHAG, Elizabeth is a theatre artist: designer, producer, performer, and movement director. Most of her work focuses on body autonomy, pleasure, and finding ways to remind the audience and performers that they are alive! She is currently in residence with Torn Out Theater and her one-woman show Peep/Show the Body can be viewed HERE via rental of the livestream recording & the show's zine can be purchased HERE.


Valentine has been teaching SHAG's Shibari Rope Bondage classes for over 10 years. With a background in costume and knitwear design, he began making costumes for various downtown performance artists back in the late '90's. During one of these assignments, he was asked to make costumes for a performance that called for rope looks for an underground ballet/burlesque troupe. He discovered the art of Shibari and immediately incorporated the art form into his design work.

After this initial dive into the art form, Valentine took the time to study Shibari with Tyutumi, who received his basic training from Mistress Midori. After years of practice, he was ready to share this knowledge with people of all levels.

“Shibari is a discipline that involves the control of rope, your partner, and ultimately yourself — this I find to be greatly appealing. I’m drawn to the fine balance between something that was designed for punishment and something that is visually stunning. The combination of brutality and beauty is endlessly fascinating to me."

Valentine’s credits to date include providing looks for pop stars such as Shakira, Lady Gaga and Brooke Candy, designing for the Calvin Klein Collection and teaching a BFA knitwear course at The New School.  


Jamie Joy (they/them) is a queer trans Jewish certified sex educator whose life and work is committed to spreading joy, pleasure, and consent through community organizing. Jamie joined the team in late 2022 to help expand SHAG's educational offerings. You will find them at our monthly workshops at the Moxy greeting you with a big smile. Check out our upcoming events here

Jamie Joy has been educating on a wide range of topics related to sex and sexuality for the past 10 years with experience in K-12 schools, health clinics, college campuses, adult sex shops, national conferences, non-profits, community organizations, private parties, and more. As a triple fire sign Sagittarius, they love to stay up late, dance while eating, throw an unforgettable party, and teach people about the wonders of fisting. They are always excited to connect with new friends; you can find them on Instagram @badjewboy or email them at


Daniela has been a SHAG and SexTech advocate since moving to New York in 2016. A Product Design Director by profession, she is the Creatrix behind the limited-edition SHAG Swag 2024.

Featuring her custom typeface, 'Diagnonsense', she invites people to pause and look deeper, question their conditioning, and see things from multiple perspectives. She obsesses over how the brain works, our connection with intimacy, and how we see and interact with the world around us. Fueled by a passion in the future of sexual health and wellness, she invites curiosity and encourages people to live in the pursuit of pleasure, without shame or stigma.

@designersbeingdelinquents ♥ @youcantblametheyouth