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Art Exhibitions


New work by Alvaro Luna

Alvaro Luna Art Opening 


Opening Reception
Friday, January 27th

On view Jan 27 - April 8


In Alvaro’s work, reality is captured in a very allegoric and unapologetic way. He’s influenced by his environment and surroundings; from the swagger of the Harlem streets to introspection and intimacy.

He’s conscious about the human structure and anatomy, but at the end he allows the medium to take control and deliver pleasant results through loose strokes and splashes. He puts his soul in every single drip and brush stroke administered. No precision and planning is necessary.  

Each figure comes out of the page as if arriving from a climatic, yet surreal dream. Each figure is constantly moving and attached to a provocative narrative.


Born in Lima, Perú in 1973, he currently resides in Harlem. Alvaro began his education at the Instituto Peruano de Publicidad in Lima, initially studying Advertising Design. In 2001 he arrived in the USA and went deep into art as a form of escapism. Further on, Professor Robert Liberace introduced him to Anatomy and the figure. Once emerged on that path he enrolled at the New York Academy of Art to obtain his Masters in Fine Arts degree, concentration on sculpture. Since then, Alvaro has been sculpting, drawing, instructing and exhibiting in the NYC area, California, and various other cities.

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