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Mission + Vision


Hi, We are Ashley and Samantha, co-founders of SHAG, the best little sexy shop in NYC. When we serendipitously met each other at a Williamsburg bakery in the winter of 2008, we were inspired to create SHAG - a SEX(Y) shop that doesn't feel weird or shameful... a place where everyone can feel at home, no matter who they were or where they came from. A place free from judgment — an open, accessible environment that welcomes everyone with a warm embrace and a high-five. And where S-E-X is everything but a three-letter word.


Welcome to our YOUR world!

Since 2009, we’ve been keeping Brooklyn sexy at our one-of-a-kind gem of a boutique in Williamsburg, nestled discreetly at the crossroads of sex and art. At SHAG, you can find everything from vibrators to lingerie, candles to cuffs, and books to butt toys — a carefully chosen selection of high quality, functional, affordable and body-safe products. We also feature a variety of sexy accessories by local designers and erotic artwork by local artists. And to make things even more interesting, our regular calendar of exhibitions makes our shop part art gallery, part gift boutique. It’s an inspiring place that strives to continually evolve as we help you to satisfy your deepest desires.  


SHAG is a space free of judgment for your unique sexual identity, an environment built on mutual respect, where all can feel welcome to discover tools and accessories to support a variety of fantasies and desires. When you come to SHAG, no matter your sexual preference, gender identification, age or ethnicity, whether you’re sporting tattoos or mom jeans, you’ll find a welcoming and friendly atmosphere. You can feel comfortable asking questions and receiving reliable information from our knowledgeable staff, as you explore what makes you tick. We have what you need for sexual wellness, self-care, and adventurous solo, partner or group play —  intimate toys, clothing and gifts designed for pleasure of all kinds. We are committed to supporting your sexual liberation, to earning and building your trust in us with each and every interaction.


SHAG is a dynamic place, dedicated to education and awareness about sexuality and culture. Many of our staff are professional sex educators, involved in different facets of the sex-positive community. Each month we offer free in-store workshops on things like self-love, healthy polyamory and Shibari rope bondage (private instruction also available). We encourage sexual exploration rooted in the values of consent, curiosity, tolerance, acceptance and compassion. In addition to staying on top of trends in our industry and society at large, we work to keep current on the needs of our patrons, as we support movement towards a more evolved perspective on human sexuality, intimacy and relationships.


 At SHAG, your safety and satisfaction are our primary concerns. Accordingly, we choose brands we feel are conscientious, with the following specific priorities:


  • The products are body-safe. If we carry a product, it’s because we are confident that you can use it safely and without harm to you or others, assuming it’s used properly, according to instructions.
  • The products are made from quality, ethically sourced materials. It’s important to us that we carry brands that create their products using the highest quality materials and ingredients, using methods that are responsible and ethical. 
  • We support local manufacturers and designers. We are proud to support local businesses and makers. Whenever possible, we carry brands that are located in Brooklyn and other parts of the New York City metropolitan region. We believe in building our community by contributing to our local economy.

In general, we aim to provide our customers with the highest quality products and the best value possible, while modeling responsibility, good ethics and support for our local economy. 



As we hold ourselves accountable for creating a progressive, inclusive space, we also support the efforts of individuals and groups who foster the values of freedom of choice and expression in the larger community. That’s why SHAG gives back to a variety of projects, events and organizations dedicated to sexual health and freedom.


Building community is super important to us. That’s why we showcase work by local artists, and we also feature products by local artisans and designers whenever possible. We value the real life connections we make with all of our partners and collaborators, as well as our customers. When you visit us at SHAG, know that you are part of a circle of inspiration that extends well beyond our walls to support many people in our Brooklyn community.


Stop in to say hi the next time you’re in the neighborhood. Attend one of our free workshops or come celebrate with us at our latest art opening. Share a new experience with a friend, or bring your dog in for a treat. Push the limits of your imagination and discover your inner sexpot. Spend some time with us, and see for yourself why we’re consistently ranked as one of the best sex shops in New York City.