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Tickle My Tush Book

An illustrated compendium of tips and tricks for pleasurable anal sex, for beginners to more experienced couples. This smart new paperback guides people through the pleasures of anal sex. With Dr. Sadie's trademark tongue-in-cheek narrative, accompanied by dozens of tasteful illustrations, Tickle My Tush clearly shows how to enjoy these newfound thrills—comfortably, safely, and pleasurably. Designed from mild-to-wild, backdoor-curious couples can easily find their personal approach and comfort levels—and at their own pace. From mild outercourse joys like sensual butt massage and gentle finger play, to the more intense sensations of butt toys, intercourse, and pegging, they will feel confident with the tips and techniques that dispel fears and skyrocket pleasures. Tickle My Tush is also great for those already engaging in anal play, and who are interested in learning new knowledge and techniques that prevent discomfort and promote pleasure. 

  • Author: Dr. Sadie Allison
  • Paperback
  • 135 Pages
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