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Tenga New Egg Sleeve Red Boxy

Tenga Eggs contain a super stretchable elastomer sleeve, soft all over, with a delightfully textured inside. Many prefer these to masturbation sleeves with a hard casing and soft inside, as tenga eggs let your hand control the pressure level; squeeze, grip, and stroke exactly the way you like. The design on the outside of the package reflects the internal texture. Collect them all to experience a whole world of sensation variety, from nubby to ribbed to crisscross. Shag tip: Not just a masturbation sleeve! Great for hand jobs, too! Or, flip a tenga egg inside out for a fun vibrating wand toy cover to switch up the tactile experience of the any wand style vibrator.

To use as a sleeve, simply put lube inside the egg, place the egg on the penis, stretch the sleeve downwards, and have fun!  To avoid breakage, grab the egg closer to the base of the shaft than the head. This product can also be used with fingers to stimulate a clit or vulva with unique texture sensations. Includes a small water-based lube sample, which makes it an all-in-one solo sex kit to toss in a suitcase for travel, or an awesome small gift! While the eggs are not long-lasting, you can wash, dry, and re-use them until they wear out if you wish; just use warm, soapy water, and make sure your egg is totally dry before you put it back in the package. This red boxy Tenga Egg design has little geometric cubes all over the inside, making for a totally unique masturbation (or hand job) sensation!

  • Materials Casing polypropylene PP, Sleeve Thermoplastic Elastomer TPE.
  • Non Vibrating
  • Disposable (but you actually can wash them and re-use them a few times!)
  • Size depth 1.93 inches by width 1.93 inches by height 2.40 inches. Insertion length stretches to approximately 7.80 inches. Insertion width stretches to approximately 2.40 inches.
  • Lube compatibility: water-based only
  • Sample lubricant ingredients: Water, Glycerin, Polyacrylate Na, Hydroxyethyl Cellulose, Methylparaben.
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