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Sex & Mischief Ben Wa Steel Balls

For more advanced kegel exercising or enhanced sensations during penetrative sex, these small and heavy steel balls offer many possibilities. Kegel exercises are recommended by gynecologists around the world to strengthen the pelvic floor, vaginal walls, bladder and surrounding muscles. Kegels help to give you more powerful orgasms and more control during sex. They also help to prevent incontinence, and are great to use before and after giving birth. One way to use kegel exercisers is to put them inside of the vagina while you stand and walk around. Your muscles will naturally work to keep them in. Easy Breezy!

These steel ben wa balls are small and heavy, making them for advanced kegel users. They are also used in BDSM play as a challenge - ask your partner to hold them in for a certain amount of time, and then punish them if they fall out before the time is up. Ben wa balls can also be worn while having penetrative sex for a gliding sensation. Made of stainless steel, these balls can be placed in warm or cold water for temperature play. Comes with a felt storage bag. Includes two balls. 

  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Diameter of Each Ball: 0.78”
  • Weight of Each Ball: 1 oz  
  • Lube Compatibility: Water-Based, Silicone
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