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Quickdraw Vacuum Penis Pump

Not gonna lie, a penis pump won’t make you double in size, but it will plump up what you’ve got to its greatest potential. This Quick Draw Vacuum Pump by Cal Exotics can momentarily make you larger! The pump handle has an easy to use pistol grip that creates a super strong vacuum with just a few quick pulls. This vacuum that is created brings your blood closer to the service, making you more engorged.This penis pump includes a 9 inch clear cylinder with flanged base with precise result measurements on it in inches and cm, a removable snug latex sleeve, a flexible non-crimping hose, and a push button safety release valve. Also included is a Silicone Commander erection enhancer with finger grips. This erection enhancer fits securely on the base of the pump cylinder and simply slips down over the penis when erect, trapping blood flow to maintain an erection. Use this toy with caution. Overuse can result in damaged blood vessels.

  • Materials: Latex Sleeve, ABS Plastic Cylinder, PVC Hose, Silicone Ring
  • Pump Length: 9”/ Pump Width: 2”/ Erection Enhancer Length: 3.1”/ Erection Enhancer Width: 1.5”
  • Lube Compatibility:Water-Based Only
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