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Pastease Glitter Rockstar Silver Star Nipple Pasties

If you want your pasties to party as hard as you do, these are the perfect pair for your inner (or outer) rockstar. These silver glitter-covered pasties feature highly reflective glitter that won’t shed all over you.They are handmade and feature a classic five-sided star shape.

All Pastease pasties are made in the USA of durable, shiny pleather material that forms to curves and resists wrinkling over hardening nipples. Just peel and stick on clean, dry skin. These contain latex free, medical grade, waterproof adhesive that stays securely in place for as long as you like until gently removed. Conceal or reveal! Wear beneath sheer clothing for a daring fashion look, or in the bedroom to bring out your inner burlesque star. As these are skin friendly body stickers, they can adorn your body in places other than your nipples, too! 

  • Latex-free
  • Hand made in the USA
  • Dimensions: 3 inches wide x 3 inches tall, Coverage Diameter: 1.55 inches
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