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Liberator Bed Buckler Under Bed Restraint System

This four-way, adjustable wrist and ankle restraint system is comfortable yet durable. It even comes with a blindfold. You’re welcome. This set of tethers with kitten-soft cuffs works as an innovative web-strap restraint system that discreetly and conveniently slips beneath any mattress, box spring, or futon. The Bed Buckler features four, 20-inch adjustable and durable nylon tethers that wrap around the surface of the bed leaving enough room to comfortably strap your lover down with the Velcro adjustable wrist and ankle cuffs. Bonus D-rings make the Bed Buckler compatible with scarves, rope, tie-downs or your favorite cuffs. Also comes with a blindfold for more bondage fun!

  • Material: Multi-Fabric, Velcro
  • Full Tether Length: 20”/Full Cuff Length: 10”
  • Impact: Heavy

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