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Kimono Microthin Condom Large 12 Pack

This condom is all natural, vegan, pre-lubricated, strong, yet thinner than usual for extra sensitivity, with allowance for a bit more girth. Kimono MicroThin Large offers a longer shaft, more head room, and are thinner than standard condoms. Made with premium latex, they are ultra-thin for more sensitivity, but still have the durability and protection of their thicker counterparts. Pre-lubricated for a more sensual feel as well as extra protection against breakage. Kimono Condoms are all natural and vegan.

  • Amount: 12
  • Material: Vegan Latex
  • Length: Approx 8.2”/ Circumference of Base: Approx 4.125”/ Width of Head : Approx 2.36”
  • Lubricant: Silicone
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