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Kheper Adventurous Sex Card Game

Each card in the Adventurous Sex Card Game explicitly illustrates a provocative sex position. Provocative in every sense of the word…outdoors, in places you’d never dare (or would you?), and with skin pressing against skin in every combination you can think of, and a few you’ll be shocked by!

The cards include three sets of game instructions for different variations on sexy gameplay, and you can even have the very best kind of study session by using them as flash cards to study your lover’s body. With 100,000 possible sexual fantasies, this game is brimming with adventure. In each variation on the game, you get to build a fantasy with the cards and then decide if you want to act it out together or continue to engage in some naughty erotica storytelling by going further into the roleplay. Fantasy and reality collide in ways only limited by your imagination. 

  • Game Includes: 50 cards and game rules translated into English, Spanish, French, German, Russian, Italian, Portuguese and Czech

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