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Incausa Meditate Bath Bundle

This bundle comes from Incausa, a unique brand that supports indigenous sovereignty, heritage, and entrepreneurship. It will melt your stress away, focus your mind, and soothe your body!

A beautiful meditation bath bundle, it comes in four different sizes, all of which include a bar of heavenly smelling, small-batch, vegan soap, scented with essential oils of lavender, coriander, patchouli, cardamon, marjoram, clove, cinnamon, vetiver, and geranium. The bundles also include a combination of artisanal resin incense sticks from white sage, chacrona and jagube plants, hand-pressed palo santo chip incense, and/or a piece of palo santo wood for burning, all hand wrapped with reusable traditional Nepalese Lokta paper.

  • Shag favorite!
  • Soap sizes: large bundle 4.5oz, medium bundle 2oz, small bundle 1 oz, mini bundle 0.5oz
  • Instructions: burn incense on safe heat resistant surface
  • 50 min of burn time per stick, 25 min per brick
  • No artificial or synthetic scents or ingredients
  • Incausa 100% authentic and all natural palo santo wood is certified by the National Forest Service and Wildlife of Peru
  • Vegan
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