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Incausa Makko Palo Santo White Sage Incense

This incense comes from Incausa, a unique brand that supports indigenous sovereignty, heritage, and entrepreneurship. It smells divine, is free of synthetic ingredients, and fills the air with a heavenly, smoldering scent to put you in the mood for pampering yourself or a partner. 

Offering a warm and woody aroma, this special incense is made of a combination of Japanese cedarwood (makko) and Palo Santo wood, with additional top notes of white sage. Unlike other incense, Incausa incense is made without glue, making it a better choice for the environment and your health!

  • 7 incenses per box / 50 minutes burning time
  • Instructions: Burn on a safe, heat-resistant surface
  • No artificial or synthetic scents or ingredients
  • Incausa 100% authentic and all natural palo santo wood is certified by the National Forest Service and Wildlife of Peru
  • Vegan
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