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KnK Crafted Wooden Paddle Love Hurts

A special paddle for Valentine’s Day, or anytime you want to show your love! We always hurt the ones we love, but now you can do it adoringly with this beautiful heart-patterned paddle (with consent of course). A great gift to get your sub for Valentine’s Day, a special anniversary, their birthday, or as a special reward. This handcrafted BDSM spanking paddle features an inlay pattern of hearts. Carved from two unique varieties of wood — Purpleheart (top layer) and North American Curly Maple (bottom layer), this piece is a heartfelt addition to any impact toy collection. Use the uniquely heart patterned side for a slight sting (and, with careful practice, a subtle pattern transfer!) or flip it over and deliver a thuddy smack with the smooth side - the maple core delivers a modest thud. Good for all-around use, this paddle is an excellent choice for newbies looking to explore kink as well as experienced Doms/Masters/Mistresses looking for a fancy toy box upgrade. 

Designed and made right here in Brooklyn, these wooden paddles are finely hand-sanded to eliminate rough spots and splinters, and then finished with non-toxic, food-grade oils and wax to preserve and protect the wood. The modestly-sized handle fits nicely into both small and large hands. Please note, while the pattern and overall look will always be the same, the exact color may shift slightly with the natural variations of the wood. 

  • Material: wood
  • Handmade
  • Local! Made in Brooklyn, NY with material sourced from U.S. companies
  • Impact: 4/5
  • Level: Intermediate
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