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Eric Vogel Arnold Print

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Vogel Arnold Print

VIGOR! Photography by Eric Vogel - exploring the world of human sexuality through a photo lens.

A SHAG art exhibition

16X20 Metallic Digital Print
Edition 1 of 10
Unframed - $295*

*Please note that ONLY unframed work will be shipped. If you would like a framed piece you must buy in-person at SHAG.

**Please allow 2 weeks for delivery, as art work will be newly printed for each order.

Artist’s statement: 
Have you tried ELECTRIC MASSAGE at home?
If you haven’t you cannot realize what a dependable health and beauty stimulant it is!
You will sense the welcome STIMULATION and VIGOR of electric massage the moment you apply it and find it a wonderful help to banish that tired tense feeling in fact, your entire personality will be brought out in flawless perfection!
To the body, it brings a TINGLING, quickening of the pulse, cheerful glow, a healthy, youthful vigor, and calms those jittery nerves with SOOTHING relief at just the press of a button!
Only a few minutes a day, when you have the time and inclination, of this ENJOYABLE and EXHILARATING treatment, will put you on top of the world with ZEST in the JOY of living!
It is the most remarkable instrument yet invented for STIMULATING the organs and giving a DELIGHTFUL sense of renewed energy necessary for a HAPPY life!
Simply apply to any part of the body for very soothing, PLEASURABLE, PULSATING relaxation! It is as GENTLE as the fingertip touch of a trained nurse, or as VIGOROUS as the rub of a muscled masseuse; all under your control!
See for yourself why a VIBRATING ELECTRIC MASSAGER is an indispensable requisite of every woman’s health regimen!

History is told by what society deems worthy of survival, that’s why I’ve always had an affinity for the visual clues of it’s untold stories. The scratched off serial numbers on an antique handgun, the polished areas of a bronze statue, and these, the devices that despite being enthusiastically advertised innocently for general health, were still quickly ushered to the trash bin while cleaning out grandma’s house.  I’ve been a commercial and fine art photographer/videographer in NY for the past 20 years and consider myself lucky that my passion is also my career.  During my decade-long time as one half of the collaboration “Constance & Eric” I learned how to apply my commercial technical proficiency to artistic vision. Under that creative brand I enjoyed countless solo and group shows, a yearlong showing of this work at the Las Vegas Erotic Art Museum, a triptych in the Museum of Sex’s permanent collection, and even a quite judgmental segment on ABC’s “Nightline” (no such thing as bad PR I guess).  Now I seek to explore the world of human sexuality through the lens of an artist historian, finding compelling evidence that shows how social norms weren’t what we’ve always been taught to believe.