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Du Douche

Du Douche is the premium douching experience, designed for effortless functionality and usability. 

An easily removable cap and wide opening were designed with quick filling and cleaning in mind. The FDA-grade silicone bulb is ergonomically designed for a comfortable hand feel and non-slip gripping. The bulb holds the ideal capacity of water to prevent over-douching, and the soft tips ensure safe, hygienic use. An included air/water valve prevents back-flow, allowing for uninterrupted use of all the water without having to remove and reinsert. The Du Douche is easy to use standing up! Best of all, the tips are easy to remove and replace with a quick-turn connection. Simply wash & reuse or replace with new one. 

  • LGBTQ+ Owned and Operated
  • 6oz bulb capacity
  • Materials: medical-grade silicone bulb, plastic components
  • BPA & phthalate free
  • Kit includes bulb and 2 tips
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