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Boneyard Adjustable C-Ring Leash Style

Allow us to introduce you to the perfect cock ring: fully adjustable, easy to put on, and extremely durable for the ultimate in c-ring play. 

With a medical grade silicone leash and color-coded ABS plastic latches (black, blue, red and yellow), this c-ring is easy to clean and easy to take on and off! The ingenious bead design makes loosening and tightening of the ring a fluent part of your play - no stopping to swap out sizes here! With the leash snugly harnessing your partner’s shaft, balls, or both, grab the ends and take him for a little walk…he’s sure to be a very, very good boy.

  • Level: intermediate
  • Material: medical grade silicone and ABS plastic
  • Lube compatibility: water-based
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