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SpareParts Tomboi Harness

These briefs with their built-in, flexible O-ring offer you an easy on and off, strap-free, dildo or packing harness. And they look pretty hot, too.

The athletic cut Tomboi Harness briefs from SpareParts slides on and off smoothly - without any chafing buckles, dangling straps, pinched skin, or other baggage to get in the way. The elastic O-ring is stretchable, making it suitable for a variety of different dildos, including double dildos. The simplicity of the O-ring means it’s easy to switch dildos, even during play. The Tomboi also has two internal mini vibe pockets (vibes not included) - one above and one below the O-ring. This allows for extra vibration stimulation for the wearer as well as for the receiver. The mini vibes can be easily inserted. They sit in front of the toy and are not directly against either partner.

With an internal packing strap, this is also the perfect harness for packing, day-to-day, or just before play! The Tomboi is comfortable, lightweight, and breathable, making it suitable to wear for extended periods of time! The material of these briefs wicks away moisture, adding to the comfort of wear. It also has an internal pocket to stash cash, condoms, or whatever you please. Machine washable and comes with a zippered storage pouch.

  • Material: 77% Nylon, 23% Spandex
  • Machine Wash in Garment Bag, Tumble Dry Low
  • 1-Year Warranty
  • Securely Fits Toys 1.25”–2.25” in Diameter
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