Custom PHOTO Coasters $20 set of 4


For a unique keepsake, Angel Jackson takes the basic concept of the In Stitches line's collage imagery to bring you custom coasters; a four-piece set featuring (sexy) portraits of you, decoupaged into a work of art using mixed media, such as paper, stitching, drawing and type. The end result is an intimate, one of a kind memento that is bound to leave an impression and be cherished.

Every piece is entirely handmade. The process starts with the client-provided images, conceiving and applying the collage and embroidery. The final artwork is then scanned and reproduced in heavy recycled cardstock, which in turn gets trimmed and applied to 4x4 paper coasters. The set is sealed with 2 coats of acrylic glaze into a luxurious shine which also serves as a moisture repellent. Each set is bound with lace and packaged with tissue paper in miniature boudoir gift-bag.

Turnaround time is 3 days, per custom order. Multiples of the same order however, do not require extra turnaround time (up to 5 sets).