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The Art of Tantric Sensual Touch 
Saturday, December 3, 2011

The Art of Tantric Sensual Touch
Sat Dec 3

Hosted by Melody Kiersz

While most traditions ask us to renounce our body, our senses and pleasure, Tantra is the path of expansion, encouraging us to find connection through our physical experience instead of around it. Similar to alchemy, it teaches us how to transform our every day experiences into ecstatic encounters with everything we come across.

So what does this have to do with sex? Simple.
In Tantra, we recognize that pleasure is one of those things that blur the boundaries of where ‘I’ ends and ‘Not-I’ begins. We utilize it as a tool because, as we open up to pleasure, we also start becoming aware of the ways in which we are blocked to receive it. Those pesky areas where we learned we are not worthy of it.

You want to get rid of those doubtful and judgmental voices in your head? The ones that are keeping you from a life that feels like everything is deliciously juicy and moan-worthy? Join us in this fun experiential playshop, where you will learn how to use Tantric sensual touch techniques to…

- Explore what brings you pleasure
- Learn the real meaning of giving and receiving
- Practice setting boundaries to create a safe space for exploration outside of your usual comfort zone
- Bring awareness around your reactions to your interactions with others so that you can be increasingly more open to receive the intimacy and ecstasy that is your birthright

We specifically designed this playshop so that you can take the tools you learn and continue practicing on your own.

All exercises will be practiced while clothed, and there will be no sexual contact during this workshop.

Sliding Scale Fee:
Pay what you choose: Singles $20 - $35
Couples: $30 - $60

Registration Deadline: Dec 2

Our online registration will be available soon!  Until then, please call SHAG at 347.721.3302 or register online at

Please see our WORKSHOPS POLICY here.

Melody Kiersz is a Self-Love & Intimacy Coach, Inspirational Speaker and Professional Celebrator of Life. She specializes in healing our relationship with our sexuality, our bodies, our selves and others, improving body image and self-esteem, increasing our ability to speak up, share, and allow ourselves to feel. As the Founder of Naked Wellness, she makes it her business to turn you on.

Making love to life, and a life to love

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